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CORUNNA MINOR BASEBALL is excited to deliver Winter Indoor clinics to our Members. 

ALL registered Sr. Rookie, Mosquito and Peewee aged players are welcome to attend

There are limited spots for your player's safety. 

We will only accept the first 18 players to register per session

The remainder will be placed on a wait list and notified if a spot is available

Please only choose a MAXIMUM of 4 Clinic dates for each Category:

- Pitching & Throwing
-Infielding & Outfielding

Sessions will be Mondays and Wednesdays at St. Joseph Catholic School
(535 Birchbank Dr, Corunna, ON N0N 1G0)

The Clinics will run from 6pm to 7:30pm in the Gymnasium.

For further information, please contact

[email protected]

Typical Night

6:00 to 6:15: Warm ups – Light jog, Jumping jacks, footwork exercises and then stretches.

6:15 to 6:30: Drill 1 – Demonstration and practice reps

6:30 to 6:45: Drill 2 – Demonstration and practice reps

6:45 to 6:50: Water break

6:50 to 7:00: Drill 3 – Demonstration and practice reps

7:00 to 7:10: Drill 4 – Demonstration and practice reps

7:10 to 7:20: Strength exercises (pushups, planks, situps, etc.)

7:20 to 7:30: Cool down and Discussion




Drills for Throwing:

Key Points: Four seam grip, proper mechanics for getting the ball out of the glove, hand position above the ball at first and shifting to behind the ball as release point approaches, Elbow above the shoulder, point front shoulder toward the target, step toward target, release ball and follow through.

Drill 1 – Cutoff Relay Race

                Objective: To work on catching with two hands, making a quick transfer, and proper footwork when receiving and making throws.

Drill 2 – Shoot and Score

                Objective: To improve throwing accuracy

Drill 3 – Twenty One

                Objective: To improve throwing accuracy


Drills for Pitching:

Key Points: feet, balance position, power position, rotation, follow through.

Drill 1 – One Knee Drill

                Objective: To introduce players to proper throwing mechanics, particularly arm action (getting the ball down, out and up). This drill breaks down the player’s arm action and works on keeping the elbow at the proper level.

Drill 2 – Tee Drill

                Objective: To help players learn to keep the elbow above the shoulder when throwing.

Drill 3 – Power Position Drill

                Objective: To develop a proper grip and arm action.

Drill 4 – Balance Position Drill

                Objective: To help players understand how to gather energy at balance position before exploding toward the plate

Drill 5 – Pitcher Covering First Base Drill

                Objective: To develop proper mechanics and communication involved in this play.


Drills for fielding fly balls:

Key Points: Get to the spot, watch the ball into the glove and catch the ball above the head using two hands whenever possible and try to move forward slightly as the catch is made.

Drill 1 – Lite Flite Elimination

                Objective: To develop the proper technique for catching fly balls in a fun and competitive setting.

Drill 2 – Pass Patterns

                Objective: To develop proper crossover steps and drop steps and learn to catch fly balls on the run.

Drill 3 – Thrown Fly Balls

                Objective: To learn to catch fly balls with two hands above the head.

Drill 4 – Crossover Step Drill

                Objective: To develop a fundamentally sound crossover step.


Drill for Infield:

Key Points: Create a wide base with the feet, butt stays down, hands out in front and see the ball into the glove, relax wrists, fingers point down and barely touch the ground.

Drill 1 – Rolled Ground Ball

                Objective: To help infielders become comfortable with the proper mechanics of fielding a ground ball.

Drill 2 – Throwing After the Catch Drill

                Objective: To understand and apply the concept of using the body’s momentum to make a stronger throw.

Drill 3 – Box Drills

                Objective: To simulate and practice the underhand flip from shortstop to second base or second base to shortstop.

Drill 4 – Frist Base Drill

                Objective: To develop proper mechanics when receiving throws at first base.

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