2019 Coaches Applications (Corunna Minor Baseball)

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If you are interested in Coaching a TBall, House League, Local League or River League Team in the 2019 Baseball Season for Corunna Minor Baseball, please submit this form for consideration. We will contact those selected by the end of April.
Contact Information
  1. Full name of applicant
  2. Home Address
  3. Example: ###-###-####
Team Selection
Please Select the team(s) you are interested in coaching. You may define an alternate choice if applicable.
  1. Check One
Coaching Information
Please fill in as much information that you can. For REP and Select Coaches, you must list your certification number. Local League, House League and River League Coaches can select "N/A"

  1. Please list NCCP # and highest division you are elegible to coach
  2. Please list Year, Association (if not CMAA), Team, Level, Your position - 1 season per line
  3. If you have coached/played beyond minor ball, please provide details
  4. If YES, please provode details
Coaching Philosphy
Please answer the questions below to help describe your coaching methods and philosophies
Self Evaluation
How do you rank yourself in the following areas?
Human Validation
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