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    January 16th 2019 to The First Pitch!

    Thanks For Your Patience...Registration Is Back Open!


    Some Late Fees Are In Effect

    ** If the division you wish to register for is not available, please email our registrar to be placed on a wait-list **


    Please read the instructions carefully as the form has changed from previous seasons

    Each player requires a registration form submission

    If you have any questions regarding this form or Registration, also please contact our registrar

    [email protected]

    ·         Please have your Credit Card or PayPal account information ready.

    ·         You will be redirected to payment after you submit this Registration Form 

    ·         Absolutely No Refunds After June 1, 2019.

    ·         There is also a $50 “Refund Processing Fee” after January 15th, 2019

    ***SPECIAL NOTE***

    Corunna Minor has changed the way we offer a family discount.  We will be giving all families that register 3 or more players a $50 rebate.  Please follow the direction on the form. You may only select the rebate ONCE.  The option will be available for each registration you fill out but please select on one registration form only.  This is another trial and will only be successful with full cooperation.

    *Batting helmets are compulsory for all age groups. 

    Fastball Leagues require front cage attachment*

    You will hear from a coach in Late March or April


    Thank you, enjoy the season!

Registrant Information
Please fill out the information below to complete your player's registration
  1. First and Last Name
  2. First and Last Name of most available contact
  3. Please list only the most available contact
  4. Please list only the most available contact
  5. RadDatePicker
    Open the calendar popup.
League Designation
Please choose the League and Division you are Registering for. Each line MUST have a selection; if not applicable, click "other league"
  1. For T-Ball, Jr. Rookie
  2. U10 to U18 Girls Select and Local League
  3. River League and REP/Select (OBA)
  4. If Registering 3 or more members.

  5. Pick which applies
Uniform Sizing
Please indicate what sizes you believe your player will need for the 2019 Season. Consider the sizes are typically made smaller than regular clothing. This will be used as a guideline only when ordering.
  1. Sized Smaller than regular clothing
  2. Sized Smaller than regular clothing
  3. Primarily For Lady Giants U14 and Older
Read Before Completing
The Undersigned hereby grants permission to Corunna Minor Baseball Athletic Association to use name and limited personal information of the child indicated on this form, and also team and action photographs including their child, in print and in electronic media. Such photographs may be used by CMAA in all formats and publications including, but not limited to, newspapers and the websites of CMAA for publicity purposes. No other personal information (example: address, phone number, school) will be disclosed. CMAA is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. The Undersigned understands that once a photograph is posted on a website, the image can be downloaded by any computer user and specifically waives his/her rights and protection pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act.
Read Before Completing
I agree to abide by the rules of the Corunna Minor Baseball Athletic Association. I further certify that the age of my child is correct as printed on this form and that he/she is a bon-afide resident of the address given above. I understand that my child is subject to immediate dismissal from the program should the age or address given be inaccurate. I also give permission for my child to participate in the CMAA program and release and hold harmless the Corunna Minor Baseball Athletic Association, its members, directors, coaches and other officials and any other person or entity associated with the program from any and all injury or damage for any claims or causes of action whatsoever for any loss or injury suffered by any child and/or myself.
Human Validation
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